Sunday, March 23, 2014

this week

Thanks to the longer evenings we've had one happy dog on our hands. Baylor can hardly wait for us to come home and immediately bolts for the back yard running and chasing squirrels and leaping off the back deck. Monday was no exception when she met me at the door and ran straight for the back door to play and run.

Tuesday a few of Matt's meetings were cancelled so we got to have a spontaneous dinner date before he headed to basketball and I went to bible study. Thankful for this fun season of our lives!!

Wednesday brought an after work froyo date with some of my girlfriends, a family dog park date, a good workout and healthy dinner + time to relax in a bubble bath. Loving the effects of daylight savings that makes all this possible.

We had a puppy scare on Thursday when part of the fence in the side yard fell down and Baylor saw the open opportunity for a little adventure. Matt called me at work letting me know Baylor was missing so needless to say both of us got a little upset. It was the end of the day so I only had a few of my students left but I'm I worried them a bit with my frantic looking face. Praise the Lord Matt found her after 15 minutes of driving the neighborhood. Sweet girl doesn't know how good her life is here and needs to learn that adventures sans owners are not a good thing!! And I'm glad she returned since Matt left that night so he could go to the Baylor NCAA game & it helps having Baylor in the house when I'm home alone.

Friday I was asleep by 9pm (can we say week after Spring Break exhaustion?!) while Matt enjoyed March Madness. And by the screaming, whooping, and hollering I heard as I drifted off to sleep it sounds like he is doing his part to contribute to the madness.

Despite the gloominess of the skies on Saturday it turned out to be a pretty perfect ending to this week. I got up early to help out with our PTA garage sale with a Starbucks in hand. Came home to get back in bed before I went to get a massage! Matt totally surprised me this week with a gift certificate to enjoy while he watched basketball. It was amazing! Then I went to Target to walk around and shop (the best!) & chat with my sister on the phone before bringing home dinner and enjoying a night of more basketball at home.

This week was nothing special or out of the ordinary but looking back, it was a fun week to have documented :)

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Life as the Mrs. said...

A massage sounds wonderful! And Matt sounds about like Brandon with all the whooping and hollering! ;) Sic 'Em!