Monday, March 24, 2014

first grade quotes

I've got a great class this year filled with such fun & funny kids. They keep me laughing all the time! I like recording the some of the things my kids say each year and look back so here is this year's edition:

We were watching Charlie Brown during our Christmas winter party and I hear one kiddo say "They said stupid. That's a bad word. They are going to be on the naughty list!"

I found out in a parent conference that one of my kiddos was also from Louisiana. When I asked here why she never told me she was also from Louisiana she told me "because my parents told me not to share all of their business".

Also during our Christmas party I was drinking one of the capri sun's we had (oh the fun of kid parties!) when one kiddos looked up at me and said "Mrs. Swarbrick, you drinking juice? You look like a kid."

It snowed one day at school (which for Texas it was just crazy being at school while it was SNOWING, like real snow!, but it turned out to be fun to experience a snow day with the kids since anytime we get a "snow day" it is more like an ice day.) Snow was falling as I walked into school when some of the first graders walked by me saying "I'm used to the snow, I used to take cold baths!"

The day before Valentine's Day a kid announced to me "Mrs. Swarbrick - I forgot to tell you that tomorrow I'm singing a Valentines song to the class". Glad I'm getting to teach a future American Idol star.

My favorite may be another random announcement from one of my funniest kiddos --- "Sometimes, if I have a good day {with no 'signs' in his take-home folder} I go home and play with my hair {he is currently growing an awesome mohawk}. I named him DJ."

Also I have a kid who says "Oh snap!" in response to pretty much anything. But lately he has changed his saying to "Oh scorpions!". Seriously, how do they come up with this stuff?!

And besides just being funny they are really sweet too. My mom always buys me things for my classroom and the last package was books about animals that were on grade level (always a bonus to put good non-fiction books in our class library that are on their level!) One kid was really excited about them and I told her my mom bought the books for them. She then said "next time you go back home tell your mom I said thank you for the books." Melts my heart!

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Tammy said...

They're a funny bunch. One of mine says, "Awkward" often. He makes me smile.
❀ Tammy
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