Saturday, August 30, 2014

Texas Day Trip Day: Waco Edition

We had our annual Texas Day Trip Day a few weeks back & was a great way to finish off the summer! We headed to Waco this year and was fun to have a day to spend going back to some of our favorite places in town since we don't normally have time to do that when we go since we are typically in town for a football or basketball game. 

First stop was checking out the new Baylor stadium! It was really fun seeing it nearly complete since we've been watching it go up from I-35 over the past year when we drive by on our way to Austin. We can't wait to see it more up close and personal at the first game Sunday! Then we walked around campus going back into some of the buildings to see where our classes were and such. So fun reminiscing!


After that we headed to lunch at Vitek's, a Waco must for Matt! Then it was off to Common Grounds for a Cowboy Coffee, yum!

We then drove around town a bit. We stopped at Magnolia Market (the store associated with the HGTV show Fixer Upper!), enjoyed some cupcakes, and headed to Cameron Park to drive around for a bit (+ a stop at Czech Stop on the way home).

We ate dinner back at the place of our first date, El Charro! It was so fun going back together and talking about our first date. Crazy how its been over 6 years since our first date!

We had a great time in good ol Waco! Here's a peek back at several other Texas Day Trips: Dublin & Granbury, Glen Rose & Tyler.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Bucket List {update}

Well summer is officially over as I head back to work tomorrow morning. It's been a great summer and I know I'll miss having lots of free time and having extra time at home but I'm looking forward to the routine back to school brings. 

Here is a recap of our summer including an update on our bucket list and our top 10 moments. 
  • Visit the Fort Worth Stockyards - check! We spent one Saturday afternoon exploring the Stockyards, learning the history of the area and watching the cattle drive! So cool. Matt is such a Fort Worth kinda guy so he loved it too! 
  • Go to the Dallas Farmers Market - this didn't happen. We just ran out of time and didn't make it over to Dallas much this summer. We've got plans for a weekend getaway to Dallas in the fall so maybe we can check this place out then. 
  • Take a Waco Texas Day Trip - check! This was a lot of fun, being looking for a recap post soon. 
  • Go bowling - check! This was a lot of fun & something I'd like to do more often. 
  • Have a Movie Marathon Day - check! This was a really fun day filled with great movies and a nice day spent at home together. 
  • Make a peach & blueberry crisp - check! Super delicious too. I made two actually - Shana's from Bread and Wine & Iowa Girl Eats. Yum! 
  • Go to concerts at Levitt Pavilion - check! We only made it to one concert but it was really fun and Baylor had a blast too. 
  • Go to Fort Worth for Jazz Sunday - this was another win! Thanks to the beautiful weather we were able to enjoy music outside while drinking iced coffee before dinner downtown. 
  • Get ice cream at Melt in Fort Worth - we ended up trying Melt along with several other local summer dessert places (Steel City Pops and Mad Mikes). Overall Mad Mikes was our top favorite! 
  • Have a date night at Top Golf - check! This was a fun summer date night! Wish it was closer to us!
  • See an outdoor movie - didn't happen. I put this on our list each summer and we never seem to make it happen. Maybe next year ;)
  • Pick peaches at Henrietta Creek Orchard - didn't happen. Apparently it was a rough year for the peaches at this orchard. But our friends gave us some peaches from their peach tree which made up for it! 
And just for kicks here are our lists of Summer 2014 top 10.

Leigh Anne's List:
1. Summer dates with Matt
2. Late night dinners/movies/coffees with friends
3. My 9am workout crew
4. Mom and Sister Group Text - these are always so funny and I love that even when they are sitting in the car together they both chime in on the group text
5. Elizabeth's picture texts - Elizabeth moved into her first grown up apartment this summer so we had a lot of picture messages sent back and forth with decorating ideas!
6. Traveling to the beach and Colorado
7. Baylor being my shadow
8. Scandal watching with Matt - this was our summer show, we caught up starting with season one.
9. Meeting mom and Elizabeth in Canton
10. Christina and Johnny surprising us and stopping in for coffee one afternoon!

And Matt's:
1. Pool in Florida with Palm trees 
2. A great August business wise
3. World Cup - American outlaws, I believe that we will win 
4. First summer with lots of meetings 
5. Foot Golf with Dad and Will
6. Movie day - favorite was White House Down
7. Spade days and late nights with mom, dad, will 
8. Watching a Rangers game with friends in a suite
9. Listening to country music especially Luke Bryan's new album 
10. Watching God's Not Dead and downloading the album afterwards

Goodbye summer 2014!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

$35 guest bedroom makeover

Last week I gave our guest bedroom a little makeover. Besides buying a new bedspread (that I found for a steal of a deal of only $35) I spent no other money and only used things I found around the house. 

Our guest bedroom has evolved a little over the past few years. Here's what it looked like when we first moved in

Then, when we got our new master bedroom set we changed up the guest bedroom a bit. We traded the full for a queen. We kept everything else the same and used the bedspread we'd gotten as a wedding gift. The bedspread had seen better days ever since Baylor tore it up so Matt suggested I try to find a new one. Well that little nudge from him got me itching to spruce up the room.

The guest bedroom is our "catch all" room for furniture and decor pieces. It's never quite felt pulled together, more of a hodge podge of things I've had for years. So inspired by the new bedspread I changed some of the artwork, brought in a few new things from around the house, and cleared away a little of the clutter.


The crafting I did for the room was very pinterest worthy #not. But it was quick, easy, and cost me nothing so I call that a win! I already had the canvases and repainted one (and it probably won't stay like that for long but that's the beauty in free artwork - you can easily change it without regret!) and covered the other two with fabric from the pillowcases that came with the bedding. I added a few rows of ribbon at the bottom to give the canvases a little something extra. For the frame I put a piece of scrapbook paper behind the glass and used double sided tape to add a few pictures to the outside of the glass. 


All in all a fun summer project!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Adventures

The past two weeks have flown by!  They were filled of fun, family, and friends and went by all too quickly. Summer, stay longer please!

The first week Matt headed to Austin for a work training and to spend time with his family. They had a great time playing cards and hanging out. While he was gone I had trainings for work as well (who says teachers get all summer off? ;)) and Baylor was less than thrilled to see Matt was leaving and that she had to stay home.

While Matt was gone Meredith was able to come up and stay with me for a few days. As soon as she got in town we headed for Italian style pizza. YUM. 

We had fun hanging out, watching crazy TV shows, eating delicious food and catching up. While I was in training the second day Baylor and Meredith became best friends for life. 

After Meredith left town my sweet friend Heather agreed to help me transport a bed frame to Canton for my sister. Elizabeth is moving into her apartment this weekend and we still hadn't figured out a way to get her the bed frame she needed from my garage. Matt was out of town and it wouldn't fit in my car. Elizabeth asked if maybe Heather would be up for helping us and use her husbands truck. Heather is that "drop everything and do what I can to help" type of friend so we set off for a crazy road trip that started with us girls trying to figure out how to get a bed into a truck by ourselves. We rocked it and then Heather rocked driving a truck for the first time ever. We had lots of laughs along the way, a delicious meal in Canton with Elizabeth, and then headed back home. It was a crazy day filled with adventure for sure!

Then it was time to head out to Colorado to see the Jacksons!! Matt got home the night before and we were packing to get ready to leave for Denver at 5 am. We went to start one little load of laundry when we realized our washing machine was way overdue for a cleaning. Like I-can't-stick-clothes-in-there-to-be-washed-because-it-smells-so-bad kinda cleaning. So thanks to google we learned how to clean a washing machine and 3 hours later had a clean load of laundry done and ready to be packed. 

We caravanned with the Scruggs up to Colorado and had fun hanging out with their family on the way up. Mary Lindsay and Slater had a surprise engagement party to attend the night we got in so we hung out at Starbucks (yes, the second Starbucks stop for the day!) and read. It was the start of a relaxing, restful, and fun trip!

We grilled out several nights and enjoyed the amazingly cool weather on their patio. We had some delicious meals and great conversation sitting on the patio. Miss it already!

We also tried Colorado style pizza for the first time (yum!), had an amazing breakfast one morning at Snooze, and got cupcakes from Whole Foods after our hike day where we may have shared one in the car together. The girls also may have gotten a little too excited about the possibility of eating a cupcake in the car before dinner. We are wild and crazy I tell ya ;)

On Sunday while Matt watched the World Cup Final and Slater worked Mary Lindsay got to show me around some of her favorite parts of town. This beautiful garden is in the middle of the neatest neighborhood. It was a gorgeous day and so fun to walk around!

Slater and Mary Lindsay had plans to go to a concert Sunday night so Matt and I had ourselves a little Denver Date Night. We headed to the Denver Botanic Gardens to see the Chihuly exhibit. I was so excited to see this exhibit again after seeing at the Dallas Arboretum and Matt was excited that we got in free because of our membership to the Arboretum #datenightforthewin. After exploring the gardens (which were so cool because it was in the middle of downtown) we headed for dinner at a great Italian place.

The next day both Mary Lindsay and Slater had the day off so we headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a beautiful day to hike and explore the park. Colorado is beautiful and it was so fun to be able to be surrounded by such beauty and nature.

We drove through Rocky Mountain National Park looking for elk and other wildlife. We got out to see a family of elk that were about 100 yards away and then all of a sudden we got to see two elk cross the road just a few feet from us! Such a fun experience!

We had a great trip filled with lots of laughter, catching up, card games, and spending time soaking up the beauty of Colorado!