Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

After work we had a little family date - spent some time at the dog park & got sno cones (the first of the season!) Baylor had a blast running around (I forget how FAST she can run!) and playing with the other dogs. The weather has been great lately so we've been taking advantage of being outside. And of course the sno cones were great - tastes like summer!

We had a work event to go to for Matt's work. It was fun to get dressed up and have a night out - even though both of us were so tired, ha! We were able to see our friends Sean and Michele and get to catch up with them which was nice. It started to storm while we were gone and when we got home Baylor gave us quite the scare. She typically comes to the door when we got home but this night she didn't and was no where to be found. I was freaking out not sure what had happened to her but then Matt heard her tail thumping in the laundry room -- she'd gotten herself stuck behind the dryer! Crazy girl doesn't do well during storms and probably had gotten scared. Was so thankful she was okay!

We slept in and watched TV in bed for a while which was nice! Our last few weekends have been busy so it was nice to have a nice long morning at home. Then we headed out for a late brunch before heading to Buy Buy Baby to register! I'd been working on researching all the different things we needed/didn't need so it was fun to actually get to see them in person and have Matt pick out some things with me. We got a lot of things figured out which was super exciting - all the baby stuff can be so overwhelming as there are TONS of options and so many products! After round one of registering we went to Starbucks to recharge before heading to Babies R Us. A few hours later we were finally done! We stopped by neighborhood Walmart on the way home to grab a few groceries and stuff for dinner - taco nachos and brownies. Matt watched some playoff basketball while I worked on the registry a little more (I think I'm finally done, for now!)

Since I didn't get much sleep at all Saturday night due to Caroline being up all night long we slept in before heading out to run some errands. We ate a late lunch out and then hung out at home for the rest of the evening. Matt worked on a Kingdom Advisors program he is working on while I did more online research for baby stuff. We spent a little time outside - it was so nice out! It was a productive yet restful weekend!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bumpdate: 23 weeks

How Far Along: 23 weeks

Size of baby:  11 inches, 1.2 pound, size of a papaya

Stretch Marks:  None yet

Maternity Clothes:  Yep!! Thanks to my sweet mother in law & some online shopping I think I'm pretty much set with my maternity wardrobe. Maternity clothes are just more comfortable at this point!

Gender: GIRL! Caroline Elizabeth :)

Movement:  Yes!!! And baby girl is moving all the time. And now Matt can feel it too!

Sleep:  About the same - some nights I get up, some nights I don't. If I do wake up during the middle of the night I eat a little something because I'm hungry and can't go back to sleep!

What I miss:  Sleeping on my stomach!

Food Cravings: Still with the fruit and all cold things. Not "craving" anything in particular.

Food Aversions:  Nothing major.

Symptoms:  Tired! And if I don't lay down during the day my back starts to hurt but nothing too bad.

Best moment of the week: Matt getting to feel Caroline kick & registering! She was moving a lot Friday afternoon (April 17th) so I tried to see if Matt was able to feel them. When he put his hand on my stomach Baylor put her paw on his hand - she loves her sister already, ha! But he wasn't really able to feel her. Then the next morning she was moving a ton and he was able to feel her. It was the neatest moment!

Matt moment: Anytime I put my hands on my stomach Matt feels it necessary to do the same to his stomach! I try to tell him its natural for me and just looks weird for him but he likes to give me a hard time about it ;) 

What I’m looking forward to: We have another sonogram on Wednesday for them to get some measurements they weren't able to get during our 20 week appointment - excited to see our baby girl again!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Life Lately

My cousin was in town a few weeks ago so we met up with her at the Bishop Arts District for grilled cheese & pie (yep!). It was so fun catching up with her! 

Yay for crawfish season!! After a failed attempt with the restaurant being sold out we finally got some and it was as delicious as ever.

Over Easter weekend Mom and I stopped in Hobby Lobby to get some nursery inspiration. I loved this piece and probably need to go back and get it since we've decided to go with a turquoise/yellow/pink color scheme!

Caroline's first pieces of artwork for her nursery - picked up the canvas with Psalm 139 from Hobby Lobby and got the other sign on our Spring Break trip from the super cool state park we visited!

Baylor doesn't let the baby bump or body pillow keep her from snuggling up at night!

Elizabeth sent me the sweetest package the other week -- a devotional about motherhood & a storybook bible about women in the bible for Caroline.  

We've been spending most of our afternoons enjoying this view! Baylor loves getting to run around and I'll read & catch up with Matt when he gets home. Lately the weather has just been perfect for porch sitting!

 Last minute Tuesday dinner date after school & in between meetings for Matt. After dinner I got to go see the sweet new baby girl of my friends. Was crazy to think that was going to be our reality in just a few short months!

This past weekend Matt's parents and youngest brother came up! We had brunch at our favorite breakfast spot and then Eric came up for the afternoon. They got a new dog - Ralphie! - and the guys spent the afternoon hanging out with him while the girls went shopping. I got a few new maternity pieces and Caroline was spoiled with a few new things too!

I'm loving Melanie Shankle's latest book! It is reminding me so much of the friendships I've been blessed with and having me laughing and nodding in agreement with at the stories she tells.

Oh, recess duty!!  One of our regular subs was with us today and took these sweet pictures for us. She was laughing at how we talk non stop during recess time and are constantly laughing! I sure do love working with these girls (+ the other two not pictured!). We have so much fun together!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend

We had a low-key Easter weekend in Shreveport this year. The last two years we've spent the weekend camping but Baylor had been with my parents for a few weeks so we took advantage of a long weekend to go pick her up. Also camping while 22 weeks pregnant wasn't at the top of my to do list!

We met Mom & Chad (and Baylor!!) at the ranch. I got a new camera and had a friend teach me how to use it in manual mode so I decided to play around with the new camera and different settings. It was fun seeing the progress on the new house, I just can't wait for it to be done! Mom has worked so hard to pick out all the details so its fun seeing it all come together. We ate dinner with Chad at the local Mexican restaurant before he had to head back home. Mom, Matt and I spent the night at the ranch and enjoyed a nice slow morning before heading to Shreveport.

and this one was just for kicks -- I was using a different lens for close up shots -- and decided to use Baylor's paw as practice for sweet baby's feet and hands come August!     

We hung out Saturday afternoon at home - napping, running some errands with Mom, and a pizza night while watching the Final Four. The puppies are always near Dad when there is food around, cracks me up!

Easter Sunday we went to church and then lunch with the Gore's. It was fun spending time with family and seeing my sweet second cousin who is two hunting Easter eggs and learning about the Easter story using the Resurrection eggs. Then it was time to head back home to catch up on laundry and do a quick grocery run before starting another week!

typical brother!

the girls (all 3 of us!) we missed you Sister!!