Friday, February 27, 2015

The Week of Winter Weather in Texas

Well, our week turned quite into the winter adventure for sure! We had the two days off where there was more ice and sleet than snow, with the first day being much worse than the second. Then Wednesday we had school with lots of rain but temps just above freezing so it wasn't the snow that was predicted. Thursday was just cold and then today brought the snow. Real live fluffy wintery snow!! And we were at school. Yep, go figure! Ha.

Our second "snow day" looked a lot like the first, but I'm happy to report all the clothes got put away + I got a load of laundry done. I also finished one book and started another one {see my bookshelf tab to keep up with what I'm reading} and cleaned out a few more rooms in the house. I also cleaned off my phone by moving more than 500 pictures from my phone to the computer which allowed me to finally update my phone (and Matt and the heavens rejoiced). Matt made another great fire that we all enjoyed, including Bay! We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, grilled cheese & soup again for lunch and baked potatoes and brownies rounded off the two days off nicely!

Another fun part to the snow days were group texting with a few of my co-workers. They constantly have me laughing and Matt wondering why we are texting all the time! I'm so thankful to have such wonderful people to work with that even on our days off we still want to talk to each other!

every Spring we have to take a calibration test for assessing English Language Learners. If you don't pass after two attempts you have to go extra training so needless to say passing on the first time is exciting!
By Wednesday we were back to work and school and poor Baylor was back to being at home alone. She made up for missed time by trying to snag some of Matt's snacks.

Then today brought the real snow! It started snowing by 9 am and didn't stop until around 4. Funny part was none of my kids noticed all the snow right outside our window. They were all super engaged in Daily 5 and working really well together. I didn't want to ruin the peaceful morning we were having by stirring up the excitement that I knew the mention of snow would bring. By 10:30 I called them to the carpet and said I was proud of how well they were working all morning (it has been a little rough lately but today was just golden behavior wise, go figure!) and since they had done such a good job I had a surprise for them. I asked if anyone knew what it was and several mentioned that we might get to play a game or something, not one knowing it was that we were going outside to see the snow!

And when you are a kid in Texas who doesn't see snow much you have to bundle up as a class and go for a walk in the snow. It had already covered much of the ground and was coming down pretty consistently. The kids loved seeing the snow and being with a bunch of first graders really makes it more magical!

real Texas snow calls for a snow day selfie, right?
It had snowed once in the past while we were at school and we had to stay the whole day so I wasn't really expecting an early release. But many of the districts around us were letting out at 10 or 10:30 because the roads were getting bad, so it became more of a possibility that it would. By 11:15 or so they announced that we would be dismissing at 12:30 but with dismissal taking so long I wasn't able to leave until 1:15. The afternoon was spent with a little Reading Rainbow and Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood (hello peaceful and soothing!) while packing up kids and sending them to the office as parents came in early for pick up. Matt was stuck in traffic as all of Arlington pretty much shut down due to the snow. My 20 minute drive took a solid hour but thankfully The Big Boo Podcast kept me pretty entertained!

We were finally home and enjoyed the snow day afternoon! Baylor didn't care as much about the snow as she was so focused on running and looking for the squirrels that were no where to be found. We spent the afternoon curled up drinking coffee and reading. Perfect afternoon! Ended the day with a little snow ice cream and pizza (yep, in that order!). This week has been such a nice change of pace and fun to spend time at home with our little family. In Texas it only seems to happen every other year or so and is always a welcomed break from normal life in my book. Oh, and we have just one more week before Spring Break but that is Texas weather for you!

Oh, and I just want to mention that last Friday night we went to see MacFarland, USA. It was a great movie that I highly recommend!! I've really enjoyed the true stories turned movies lately - The Good Lie and The Game Stands Tall are also great and currently at Red Box - inspiring, funny, and an over all feel good show. So here are your movie recommendations if you are trapped inside or needing to escape the cabin fever!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day 2015

So it was more of sleet than snow but a day off with chilly weather and everything covered in white equals a pretty good snow day in my book!

I was excited to have a little coffee with my breakfast (I really only like coffee when there is time to sit and enjoy it) and watch the TODAY show. Well turns out coverage of the sleet was more important since that was all that was on. 

Matt spent the majority of the day working but did take time to work on building an awesome fire. Probably the best one we've had!

I decided to be somewhat productive and finally call a customer service number to replace part of our blender. That has only been on the to do list since December ;) Took a whopping 6 minutes out of my day but felt like I'd accomplished Mt. Everest. I then got a jump start on my annual clean-out-every-area-of-the-house mission and got about half way through. That pile of clothes that have needed to be put away for about a week and a bag that still needs to be unpacked from 3 weeks ago however is still waiting. In case we get another day tomorrow, I'll need a project so might as well leave them be for now. 

We had a perfect cold weather lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup. Meal idea inspired by Matt which if had to be repeated tomorrow would still be as tasty. 

The rest of the day was spent reading for me, working for him, playing/napping/eating for Bay. Which speaking of, she wasn't a fan of the sleet but did put up with me for a few photo ops. She prefers the couch and I can't say I blame her ;)

All in all, a nice quiet day at home! Here's hoping we get another one tomorrow :)

Bumpdate: 16 weeks

13 weeks

How Far Along: 16 weeks, officially in the second trimester!

Size of baby: Avocado, 4 1/2 inches long, 3 1/2 ounces

Total weight gain: 9 pounds 

Stretch Marks:  None yet

Maternity Clothes: I ordered some maternity jeans and they are just the best thing ever! I bought one shirt that really shows off the bump but for the most part still in regular clothes. 

Gender: Matt thinks boy some days, I think girl but we will officially find out March 24th!

Movement: Not yet but can't wait for it to start!

Sleep: Most nights I wake up in the middle of the night for a bathroom run but otherwise sleep is good!

What I miss:  A deli meat sandwich! I didn't really eat them much before getting pregnant but now that I have to avoid deli meat, of course that's what sounds so good ;)

Food Cravings:  Cane's chicken stripes or wings from Wing Stop + oranges. All. Day. Long. We did a graph at school of our favorite fruit and one kid said "Mrs. Swarbrick, I know oranges are your favorite fruit!" when I asked him how he knew he said "Because you are always eating oranges. Oranges and cheese!" :)

Food Aversions:  Nothing major but depending on the day different things just don't sound good. 

Symptoms:   Still tired and get a little nauseous from time to time. The "baby brain" thing is for sure a real thing. I went from having a pretty good memory and being on top of things to forgetting things often. And I snort now when laughing. Like Heather said "you always have snorted" which is true (I credit my mom for that!) but it is out of control now.

Best moment of the week: Hearing the heartbeat at our last appointment (161 bpm) and officially making the news public!

What I’m looking forward to:  A day off from work, mama needs some extra rest! 

15 weeks 5 days

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snowed In Sunday Snapshots

Although we aren't technically "snowed in" we are off school tomorrow for possible ice/sleet (YAY!) so snowed in we are :) I'm thankful for a day off after a busy weekend + with all the warm weather we've had lately it hasn't really felt like winter so it is sorta nice to have a winter day at home tomorrow.

Anyways, here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks:

Matt surprised me (and my co-workers) with bringing us Starbucks one afternoon! Perfect treat in my mind, especially when you have a meeting after school :)

A few weeks ago I headed to Arkansas to spend the weekend with these lovely girls. So thankful for friendships that span a lifetime -- from preschool to grown up lives spread out over several different states. It was a quick weekend but loved being able to spend time with a few of my favorites!

After our 14 week appointment we headed to Starbucks to post our announcement pictures on facebook/instagram together. It was fun even if we looked like one of "those" couples glued to their phones ;) Making it official made it feel all the more real and exciting!

Thankful for all of our sweet friends who shared in our excitement with us as we shared our big news. I smiled big when I saw Mary Lindsay had liked a whole screen shots worth :) 

Wing Stop knows me so well. This pregnancy has me craving wings like no one's business. 

Our Valentines was super low key. Matt had a cold. I'm pregnant. So we spent the day at home, ventured out for Starbucks, read outside while Baylor enjoyed the pretty weather & had a home cooked meal at home while watching a movie. Pretty good day in my book!

When I posted Baylor's third birthday post it inspired Matt to create a facebook album just for her. I cracked up at his description for the album! We do love her a lot!

And so does her aunt ;) 

One day one of my sweet girls overhead me talking about how I like Kit Kats. She told me she had one at home and would bring it for me. Well the next day she reported her brother had eaten it but she would get me one still. The following week she shows up and says "Look Mrs. Swarbrick, a whole bag!!" with the biggest smile on her face. It made my entire week!! She keeps promising she can go back to the store and get me more when I run out ;)

Matt coached another season of children's basketball at our church. This year he was with 3rd and 4th graders. They finished the season 6-0! Tonight was the all exciting coaches game that they seem to take a little more seriously than they should :)