Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Matt!

Happy birthday babe!! 

This year is a special one - the year we became parents!
And the year we forgot our birthdays were coming up ;) 

The year we had low expectations of gifts and plans and will have to work our celebration of you around our sweet girl's schedule. 
And the year we were content to have a low key night as a family of three. 

The year that I saw you become a dad and fell in love with you more than I thought possible. 
And the year that I'll never forget. 

Hope you have the best of days and feel loved and celebrated! 
Caroline and I feel like the luckiest girls in the world to have you part of our lives!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Caroline Elizabeth - One Month

Caroline's first four weeks of life!


I can't believe you've been part of our world for a whole month already! You've brought so much joy to our lives and we love and adore you more than words can say. You are such a sweet and happy baby and make the cutest sounds. We love your startle reflex (sometimes when we laugh or sneeze while we are holding you, you also get startled) and watching you smile as you drift off into sleep.

Here's what you've been up to your first month of life: 

You are currently weighing 8 1/2 pounds and were 21 inches at your 2 week appointment although looking at your weekly pictures I know you are growing and are probably more than 21 inches already! You have brown hair and a decent amount of it! It kinda gets crazy in the back but we've discovered the wonders of using the brush to control it. Your eyes are a sweet grey blue. You are still wearing newborn clothes but probably not for too much longer! We finished off your newborn diapers this week and moved you up to size 1. Although the size 1 look huge on you but like your daddy said - at one point so did the newborn diapers ;)

You are a pretty good sleeper! You go to sleep easily around 9pm after you eat and sleep until about midnight in your daddy's arms or in the swing. It doesn't take too long for you to go back to sleep and then you sleep in your pack n play until about 6am with a couple of feedings during the night. We then move you to the rock n play because by then you are over the whole crib thing but I'm proud of how well you've done sleeping in it since you got home! You wake up for a 9 am feed and then sleep until 11 or so in the rock n play. I typically get up about 10:30 to do a few things around the house and eat breakfast before we start our day together. You've slept in your crib upstairs a few times when Mamanae and Aunt Elizabeth were here to stay in your room with you and we will probably start doing some naps up there but I think you'll do fine when we are ready to move you up there. You sleep in the Halo Swaddle Sleep Sacks and do so good in them. Mama likes them because they really keep you on you back since you can already roll to one side and have been able to since you came home. Sometimes you sleep during the day/afternoon but other days you are wide awake. You nap in my arms or in your pack n play during the day - mama can't resist the extra snuggles!

You love bath time and being held. Sometimes you get fussy when we hold you and when we stand up and walk around you go back to sleeping. You do great with tummy time and are a little mover! You also enjoy being swaddled but love when you get to stretch. You are pretty content but don't like being hungry, having a dirty diaper, getting dressed (mainly just having your onesie over your head then you are fine), or getting put in your car seat (but once you are in it you are fine!)

You eat every 2 to 3 hours although sometimes you sleep 4 hours before getting hungry. Although August 29th you slept 5 hours straight! You currently eat between 2 to 3 ounces but sometimes you surprise us and eat up to 5. 


We don't take you out to too many places since we are waiting for you to have your shots done at your two month appointment but you have been to Daddy's office, Starbucks at Krogers, Target with Mama, a few fast casual restaurants and some random stores around town with mom and dad. You've had lots of doctor's appointments (two well visits, your tongue tie with a follow up, getting your ear wells on with a follow up) but it gives us an excuse to dress up and show off your bows! You've also had a few play dates with friends and have had lots of visitors who love cuddling you! Everyone comments on how content and what a good baby you are. We tend to agree ;) 


This has been the fastest and longest month of my life at the same time. Sweet girl, you've brought so much joy and fun to our lives and we can't imagine life without you! 

Monday, August 31, 2015

This week we...

took lots of pictures to send to Daddy while he was at work. 

resisted sleeping and our paci a few times. 

made goofy faces.

napped and cuddled with Daddy.

looked adorable.

went to Target with Mom for the first time!

clearly it was an exhausting experience!
celebrated National Dog Day with the best puppy. (Mom needs to take a minute to brag on my furry big sister - Baylor is doing so good since Caroline got home! Baylor stays out of all the baby things, waits patiently by the back door to go outside, doesn't bark when she has to go in the kennel and waits nicely for me to let her out when we get home, doesn't run out the front door like she used to, comes and sits closer to Caroline when she cries, and gently cuddles Caroline when we are close by!)

had to document that I was wearing Mom's favorite onesie.

sat in Daddy's office with the blinds open and Baylor was enjoying getting to catch up on the going ons of the neighborhood. 

made it to another Friday, yay! (This was at her first ear well check up. Everything is looking good but poor baby wasn't a fan of getting them taken off and having new ones put on. We cried and had our first real tears. It wasn't a pleasant experience for Mom so she rewarded herself with some Chick Fil A after).

everyone spent Friday afternoon napping.

cheered on Daddy, Uncle Chad, and their friends as they took first place in the Thrivent golf tournament.

rocked some more tummy time!

cuddled with Uncle Chad.

saw Aunt Lindz again when she and Mr. Steve brought over some yummy food!

had some family snuggles during another movie night.

enjoyed lots of cuddles with Miss Janay.

spent the weekend hanging out with Uncle Chad and Miss Janay.

wore ridiculously huge yet super adorable bows.

took lots of naps on Daddy over the weekend. Mom says he is a rock star for taking over most of the weekend baby duties.

shared some snuggles with Uncle Dave when he stopped by Sunday night.

took more selfies with Mama. Apparently I was being extra snuggly and making sweet noises while sleeping and Mom wanted to freeze time and remember it forever.

took another bath! My favorite!

read some stories with Mom and Dad before going to bed.

turned four weeks old!