Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

Here is a little round up of a few favorite things of mine on this lovely Friday:

Skinny Pop. This is the best thing ever! I buy it at Costco but I've seen it at our local grocery store too. Delicious, low in calories, and only has three ingredients (popcorn kernels, sunflower oil, and sea salt.) YUM.

Toms. I know I'm late to this party but, these are the best shoes I've ever owned. I don't know why it took me so long to accept them but better late than never.
Gap Maxi Dress. I went on a whim ordering this online but got a great deal on it and I know I'll enjoy having it this year on our beach trip and to throw on for going out on summer nights.

Talenti. Yall. This stuff is GOOD. And as if it couldn't get any better, it has chocolate caramel bites mixed in.

Old Navy Dress Sale. I went in looking for an Easter dress and came out with several more. The sale going on right now is great and there are so many good options!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Week in the Life

I know this will probably be super boring to a lot of you (okay, maybe all of you!) but I wanted to do another "week in the life" recap. I did one two years ago and I find it fun to look back and see what a week in our lives looked like. Here is the past week:

Sunday April 6
Matt makes shakes for us while I get showered/ready for church. We head to church in separate cars since Matt has a meeting after church. Matt does the offering during church and we chat with our friends after the service. Head up to Sunday School and since it's the first Sunday of the month we all stay together as a big department and have a marriage enrichment lesson (normally we break up into two groups and one does the "nearly/newlywed curriculum" and the other does indepth bible study). After church Matt heads to his meeting and I run errands. We meet back at home and start a new TV series and watch several episodes that afternoon. We order take-out from our favorite Chinese place here before getting ready for the next week!

Monday April 7
I get up at 7am, put my jeans in the dryer (our principal bought us fancy school shirts that we get to wear jeans with. Makes Monday mornings a lot easier!), and make my shake then get ready for the day. I get to school and do my morning routine of turning on our lamps/secentsy/instrumental pandora station on before students come in at 8:05. I change out folders for a new week and stuff homework, newsletter, field trip forms into folders. Then we have announcements and I finish folders. At 8:35 we start our read aloud. Our read alouds this week are all non fiction books about plants so we discuss non fiction text features + main idea and detail. Then its our first round of Daily 5. I don't do my normal group since only one student from that group is here and assess students from another group instead. Realize we still need to work on word endings so this will be our focus this week. I introduce our new vocabulary words and review sight words. One student comes in tardy so I grab my students from the group I missed this morning. Then we do a quick grammar lesson before another round of Daily 5. I meet with another group to do read with/discuss features of non fiction books. At 10:00 we read our poem, do our word work groups and a writing lesson (this wee we are focusing on poetry). At 11:00 we head to lunch! We have a sub who works regularly in our grade level and Monday happened to be her birthday so we had dessert for her. We head out for recess and it is super cold for April! At 12:00 we start math with our calendar, practice reading numbers to 120, skip count by 2s, and practice number combinations. Then students go to BUILD (math stations) while I pull kids to start report card assessments. I'm happy to see things we've been working on has paid off! Then we do another round of BUILD and I continue to assess.

I then have students write numbers to 120 before students leave for enrichment at 1:30. I get some paperwork turned in, have a 504 meeting, and get a few books I need for reading groups this week. Students come back at 2:20 and we start science. While students create their plant foldable I pull some more students over to assess. Then at 3:00 we pack up and I head to bus duty. I grab copies and chat with coworkers before leaving early.  I get home around 4:30 and Matt and I worked to get dinner ready (turkey stuffed peppers) before working out together.

Then we ate a quick dinner before heading to softball. I dropped Matt off at softball and did a quick run to Walmart to get things for our plants lessons. Then watched Matt's game and talked with friends on this chilly Monday night!

We then came home, showered, and cleaned the kitchen. Matt watched the Championship game of the NCAA while I worked on my bible study.

Tuesday April 8
Get up earlier today so I could be there in time for morning duty. When I get to work I get ready for the day, run copies, morning duty. We have a normal morning of our reading schedule.

We had another chilly recess!! Math was much of the same as Monday with more assessments. While the students were at enrichment I worked on grading assessments, getting homework practice copied for a few students. Our science lesson today was investigating parts of plants and vegetables. Then it was time to pack up, do bus duty, get Wednesday folders return, and get more books for small groups. We had a faculty meeting about the bond our district is proposing and we got done early, woohoo! Call Matt on my way home and he is at Home Depot for fence stuff. We workout, I take Baylor on a run, and have leftovers before Matt leaves for his basketball game and I head to bible study.

I come home to a gate built and Matt listening to YouTube instruction videos as he prepares to work on the fence the next day!

Wednesday April 9
I get up early this morning at 6:25 to workout. Then get ready for the day and head to work. We did a condensed version of our reading schedule as we had a Junior Achievement lesson this morning.  Thankfully we had a beautiful recess today!!! After recess we had a second Junior Achievement lesson. The kids were a little tired so behaviors were a little out of sync. Had to spend some time resetting expectations. While the kids were at enrichment I took a nice long mental break. We did some more of resetting expectations after enrichment before the day was over. After duty I graded a few more assessments and left early to head to Starbucks for the afternoon.

I enjoyed my caramel macchiato after this long day!! I read and did my bible study before meeting friends for Book Club (err, more like dinner club since we've all been too busy for assigned reading!) at Chuy's followed by more Starbucks where we shut the place down as we stayed and talked for a while.

Thursday April 10
I'm super tired this morning! Still got to work early and ran a quick copy and got ready for the day. Had a class meeting about expectations and we had a much better day! Did our read aloud, Daily 5/small group, vocabulary story, poem and whole group word work and phonological awareness before heading to library at 9:20. All my students were well behaved during library which might have been the first all year, ha! We did Daily 5 again before heading to computer lab. Another beautiful recess before math where the students created surveys, gathered data and analyzed their data. So cute listening to them do this activity! Kids head to enrichment and I have a team meeting. Our science lesson today was the much anticipated planting of seeds! Then it was time to pack up and head home. I meet with my team for planning of the next week and run copies before the PTA meeting. Help sell pizza at the meeting, learn more about the bond, call a friend on the way home to discuss the bond (we are so cool, ha). I get home at 7:45 and see Matt's progress on the fence, talk to my sister for a minute to get her opinion on a new dress that came in, eat dinner (Italian chicken and asparagus) before watching our Thursday TV shows.

Friday April 11
Woke up late today but was still out the door on time --- yay for causal Friday jeans! Did our read aloud and met with a small group before I start to feel bad. Thankfully my students were doing great so the morning went by quickly with Daily 5, vocabulary, poem, and writing. We did some math assessments this afternoon before the students went to enrichment. For science today they made predictions about what they think will happen to our plants and wrote observations of the seeds in their journals. I left right after school since I still wasn't feeling well and headed to Krogers for a few groceries and picked up Chipotle for an early dinner. We watched TV and called it an early night!

Saturday April 12
We have a lazy morning at home before getting our day started. We do a double workout to make up for missing on Friday and have BLTs for lunch. Matt watches some of the Masters coverage before we head out to Dallas for the rest of the day! We go to the Arboretum, then dinner in Victory Park before the Mavs game. Get home around 11pm and crawl into bed!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dallas Day

We headed to Dallas yesterday for the day and had a great time! Matt's parents gave him tickets to a Mav's game and he picked the game that he thought would be the game of the season (the one to get the Mav's into the playoffs.) And like usual with his sports knowledge, he was right! But more on that in a minute.

Since we were going to Dallas I thought it would be fun to walk around the Arboretum first. Matt was kind and obliged to go with me. And we wore our Mav's gear while there #marriagecompromises. The tulips had seen better days but the whole place was gorgeous! And on the way out we spotted some perfect tulips (my favorite!). It was a beautiful day, perfect for a walk around looking at spring flowers.

Then we headed for dinner at a delicious pizza place in Victory Park. We still had some time to kill so we wandered around a bit more before grabbing dessert. Then it was game time!!

Like I said, Matt did a great job picking the game and got us great seats during the sold out game. We trailed most of the game but pulled out a win at the very end!! The whole arena was going crazy which made the game that much more fun. Go Mav's!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bob the Builder

Matt and Baylor have earned themselves a few nicknames around here. A few weeks ago part of our fence blew down so Baylor got out and earned the name "lost and found". Again. Apparently she doesn't realize the posh life she has living here with us and thinks adventures sound more fun. Thankfully Matt found her and was able to patch the gate but we knew it needed to be fixed. We got a few quotes for fixing it but Matt being the handy man he is decided to tackle it himself.

I'm always impressed with his ability to do yard work (like laying new grass) and build things on his own. He proved himself yet again with building a new gate for us! He had to break up and dig out all the old concrete, pour new concrete, build a gate, and install it. Hence the name "Bob the Builder".

Super proud to call him my husband!! And Baylor is pretty lucky to have him too!