Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas {part 2 - Colorado & New Year's}

After heading back home from Shreveport we had Christmas round 2 with Matt's family. We were heading out to Colorado the next morning but had a mini Christmas the night before. We met for dinner then headed back to our house for presents!

After making the 12 hour drive up to Colorado we enjoyed pizza in town before settling into our cabin for the week. It was closer to the mountain than places we've stayed previously and had gorgeous views!

The guys headed out to snowboard/ski the next morning while Matt's mom and I hung out at home reading. A perfect day in my book!

The day came with several minor injuries for the guys which kept everyone at home the next day to chill and relax. Matt and I headed into town for part of the afternoon to walk around & read at the coffee shop downtown. I love downtown Salida and always enjoy peeking into the shops downtown.

Then it was time to head back since Matt and I were going to the Cotton Bowl on New Year's Day! So our NYE consisted of a 12 hour drive home, picking up late night Chinese & ringing in the New Year at 11pm ;) The next morning we headed to the Cotton Bowl where we suffered through many highs and lows of the game. Sadly our Bears didn't get the win but did have some great plays including a defensive back scoring his first touchdown - a play I don't think anyone will forget!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review

2014 brought many things. A year journeying towards health together (with me losing 27.5 pounds which is just unreal to me. Something I didn't think I could do and a huge accomplishment for my
year). It was also a year of seeing dear friends we hadn't seen in a while. And a year of mourning with friends over precious lives lost. And a year of celebrating of new life & sustained life with friends. A year of laughter and a year of tears. And year of thankfulness and praising. A year of trusting even when things didn't make sense. As hard as parts of this year were I'm thankful that God remains true and faithful. And is a God that can handle all the things that one year brings. 

And here is a little recap of our year. Some months were more exciting than others but here was our year none the less: 

rang in the new year with friends

started eating better & continued working out together
Matt coached basketball at church
kept working out and working on our eating habits
took a road trip to Wisconsin, Chicago & St. Louis!

had a "snow" day that didn't really have any snow but did bring a day off work & some really cold temps

I ran a mile for the first time in forever
went camping at Lake Whitney over Easter weekend
I wrote a "week in the life" post
Matt built a new gate for our fence (that Baylor escaped from when the old one fell down!)
finished my first year teaching first grade
had a girls weekend with my Mom & sister
celebrated our 4 year anniversary 
Matt took a trip to NYC with his brothers to watch a USA soccer game
had Valeria & Jon visit 
took a trip to the beach

 I started working out at our church


Heather & I drove to Canton to deliver a bed to my sister

Matt and I headed to Colorado to visit our friends the Jacksons


We took our annual Texas Day Trip to Waco

had Christina & Johnny stop in for a surprise visit


celebrated our birthdays

had a getaway weekend in Dallas

 had Matt's family visit during Labor Day weekend

went to the home opener at the new McLane Stadium 


went to the State Fair

and a Cowboys game

took our annual trip to Canton with Heather

started using the Fresh 20 meal plan


I ran 3 miles!


watched holiday movies
went to look at Christmas lights (with peppermint milkshakes!)  

finished out 2014 with Matt's family in Colorado!

Hope you have a wonderful New Year and experience many blessings in 2015!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas {part 1}

We had a great time in Shreveport celebrating Christmas with my family this year! We started off the trip by helping Elizabeth finish up some of her Christmas shopping before heading to my Aunt's house for Christmas Eve Eve. It was fun to catch up with cousins and see my 2 year old second cousin, who we hadn't seen since he was first born! After we headed home we finished off the day by watching the end of It's A Wonderful Life with the family, one of my favorite Christmas movies!

The next day we headed out to the ranch to see progress on the house my parents are in the process of building. I can't believe how good it is looking & can't wait for it to be done soon! We then hung out at the "camp house" for a little bit before heading back to town to get ready for the Christmas Eve service at church.

Mom was out due to not feeling well & Dad had to run by the hospital since he was on call so it was just the kids holding down the fort at church. It was a wonderful service and we got to catch up with some friends after which was nice. Then we headed to the Pope's house for their annual Christmas Eve party!

Then it was time for Santa, err Santa Puppy! We had a slow Christmas morning at home eating Christmas brunch & reading the Christmas story before opening gifts. 

Then the "kids" headed to my grandparents where we got to catch up with family and eat some delicious food! Matt was kind enough to drive us through the lights downtown before we headed back home.

Friday was spent at home in PJ's for much of the day & running a few errands with Mom before coming back home to read/work on a puzzle and then watch the Santa Clause (my all time favorite!) with "party food". Fun end to the week at home!

Before we left town on Saturday I went to a sweet baby shower for my dear friend Claira. It was a treat to get together with friends I've known since middle school (we missed you dearly MLJ!) and shower & pray for this sweet babe to come. Friendships like these are truly a blessing!

Then it was time to pack up and head back home! But not without one last picture with momma :)