Thursday, February 4, 2016

3 things

just a few tidbits about my three favorite people (+ pup) that I want to remember :)


1. Caroline has the best smile. It doesn't matter if she's napped 20 mins or slept for a long stretch at night - when she's up and sees us coming to get her a huge smile comes across her face and melts my heart every time! (I started writing this at the beginning of January and all that little sleep left her a bit more fussy and I miss her waking up this way!)

2. She is JUST like her daddy. Always moving and isn't happy sitting still (so when she does happen to fall asleep in my arms I soak up all the rare snuggles). She is also so determined during tummy time and is already scooting backwards. She's a quick little mover too and is making so many big developments too

3. Time is going all too quickly as now she sleeps in her own room and has been doing great with naps there as well. It took a few nights for her to adjust to it but overall I think she's done pretty well. Although I miss her being so close to us it has allowed us to move about more freely downstairs and in our room and not worry about waking her up. But I'm constantly checking in on her via our wonderful monitor that I'm obsessed with!  


1. Matt is SUCH a help around the house and with Caroline. He does whatever I ask him to and often does lots of things without me having to mention them. And on the weekends he is so hands on with Caroline and let's me have time to relax alone. So thankful for his help!

2. Speaking of Matt & Caroline they are quite the pair. Caroline lights up when her Daddy gets home and the love he has for her is heart melting.

3. Matt is such an extrovert. He'd have people in our home 24/7 if it wasn't for his introverted wife ;) Sometimes his extrovertness leads to some alone time for myself which I'm always a fan of!


1. Baylor is so smart (unfortunately!). We've had some issues with her since we moved to the new house. With all the changes and stress on her we've been putting her in her kennel when we leave. She isn't a fan and over the past few months has started hiding. First it was in places I could still get her from bit then it became under our bed or the crib. She would come if I opened the door. That lasted 2 weeks before she wised up. Then I'd ring the doorbell which worked for all of 3 days. So now she gets to stay in our room because she won't come at all. #dogwins

2. With these warmer winter days we've had you can find Baylor sitting in the sun outside or in patch of sunlight streaming in from the windows. 

3. She is the snuggle queen. She is a slow riser and doesn't like starting her days too early choosing to snuggle under the covers for as long as she can. She also likes going to bed early and often goes and gets in her bed while everyone else is still up in the living room.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Quick Ways to Save on Groceries

I've gotten back to my money saving ways and it feels so good to be getting a good deal again! Here is how I do my grocery shopping now & thanks to technology it is super easy and takes very little time!
  • Use Store Apps. I shop at several stores so I've downloaded their apps to see their sales flyers and take note of which items I want to get so I can reference it once I get to the store. You can also download coupons to your store card (Krogers) or Cartwheel barcode (Target) from their apps. 
  • Use Cash Back Apps. My favorite is Ibotta but I also like Saving Star and Checkout 51. These are apps that give you cash back on your groceries when you upload your receipt. I like to check and see which products have cash back before I go shopping so I can better plan my list with what items are on sale. 
  • Stack coupons and cash back. You can load coupons to your card or cartwheel + use a traditional coupon + get cash back all on the same item. This is the best way to really stretch your savings. For example I was able to get a can of enchilada sauce for .29 thanks to a coupon loaded onto my Krogers card + a printable coupon + a Saving Star cash back rebate!
  • Coupon Database. Money Saving Mom makes it super easy to find coupons for items on your list. Type in the product you are already planning on buying and if there is a coupon available she links to where you can print it off. 
Taking a little time to plan really will pay off with the savings! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Caroline Elizabeth - 6 months

Caroline, oh my sweet baby girl. How is it possible you've already been part of our lives for half a year?! And all the while I can't remember life without you. Even on the days where you won't nap and are super fussy I'm still so thankful to be your mama. You are teaching me so much and I love you more than words can say!

You are still a tiny thing! You weigh __ lbs and are __ inches long (we go to your appointment tomorrow so I'll update this after that). Your hair is a light brown but growing longer every day! And your eyes are still the prettiest of blues and you constantly get complimented on their beauty. You are wearing 3-6 month clothes.

Your sleep has been allll over the place this month. Your naps are super short unless you are being held. Some nights you sleep 9-10 hours straight (glory!!), other nights you are up every hour or so, while other nights you'll go 4 hour stretches and then some nights you end up snuggled next to me in bed. So many of our days this month revolved around trying to get you to sleep. On the days where you didn't get enough you weren't your usual happy self but I'm happy to report we are on the up hill of your sleep and you've been much more pleasant the last few days and we love having our happy girl back!

You love to kick your legs, have Baylor lick you, are great at tummy time and roll all over the place. Your face lights up when your daddy gets home, you love being out and about, and laugh when we kiss your checks and belly. You are still consistent with your dislikes - being hungry or tired with the added dislike of long naps or good nighttime sleep!

You are still eating every 3 hours and have started solids (say what?!?). You started with sweet potatoes and it took you a few days before you decided you liked them. Since then you've also had avocados and peas. While you haven't given us those big "I love this food thing!" smiles, you for sure enjoy figuring it all out and eating at the table with us. You are really getting the hang of this solid food thing & now make noises letting us know you want more!

This was a HUGE month of firsts for you. January 10th you rolled over from your back to your tummy & we missed it since you did it over night in your crib! January 12th you found your foot and sat up by yourself. You've also started sitting in your high chair and we got you a jumper toy that you like to play in & it allows mama to make dinner while you are entertained! You also had your first time to sit in the stroller without your car seat, high chair at a restaurant and the baby swing at the park this month. You are rolling all over the place and working on crawling with baby planks and mountain climbers!

While I'm still in disbelief that you are 6 months old it is so fun to watch you grow and develop. Your daddy and I were watching "old" videos of you & its hard to believe you were so little and how much you have changed since then!

Sweet pumpkin, you are such a joy and have brought so much happiness into our lives. Caroline we love you to the moon and back!

Friday, January 29, 2016

January Snapshots

It never seems to fail that I blog less every year in January and that has proven to be true yet again. Plus add a sweet babe who doesn't enjoy her naps quite as much as she used to and it leaves little time or energy for blogging. 

But here are a few peeks into what we've been up to this month...

they are becoming the best of friends already and enjoy bonding over some good tummy time
looking adorable per usual ;)

hanging with sweet little friends
first hotel stay

dress shopping with the bride to be!!!!!!

being together with a life long best friend and your babies. its too much really.

getting close to rolling from her back to her stomach! (that night she rolled over in her crib from her back to tummy for the first time and since then has been rolling non stop!)
all the heart eye emojis
found her foot!

seeing what Baylor was doing
sitting up by herself. say WHAT?!

enjoying her new table and sitting up!
the way to nap longer than 45 minutes? have your mama hold you ;)

first time in her high chair!
Baylor's new favorite spot is in the basket of blankets #spoiled

happiest she had been in a while - out shopping! don't know where she gets it from ;)
"Baby planking? I do it all the time" - Caroline #nobigdeal
first time in a coat and looking beyond adorable
no words. just my whole heart.
first time in a high chair at a restaurant
lunch dates with Daddy
doing tummy time with our baby bestie

first food - sweet potatoes! it was a family affair ;)

scripture cards from the prayer team at MOPS. so blessed by MOPS!

more tastes of sweet potato and slowly becoming a fan
swinging at the park!!

the family that swings together stays together