Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bumpdate: 34 weeks

How Far Along: 34 1/2 weeks

Size of baby: 19 inches, 4.9 pounds, size of a pineapple
Maternity Clothes: All day, every day! I recently got in some lounge around the house maternity shorts and they are the best for these hot summer days.
Gender: GIRL! Caroline Elizabeth :)

Movement: Yep!! She loves to move at night and early morning and of course after I've eaten. 

Sleep:  Sleep is good for the most part, just getting up a few times in the night for bathroom breaks.

What I miss: Moving at a normal pace. I'm moving slow these days - getting out of the car, off the couch, and out of bed are all a big event around here now ;)

Food Cravings: Nothing really.

Food Aversions: Nothing really.

Symptoms: Can't complain! Feeling good minus moving slower.

Best moment of the week: A good doctor's appointment and time with Matt! I'm wanting to soak up all the couple time we can as we only have five weeks left as a family of 2 (+ a pup). We've been able to have a few date nights recently and time to have breakfast and hang out in the morning before Matt has to leave for work lately that have been nice!

What I’m looking forward to: Getting more of her nursery done. I've been working on organizing things but need to get things in their practical places (like move bottles and feeding stuff to the kitchen, put the bath stuff in her bathroom, etc). We've got some of her bedding to put on just waiting on the mattress to arrive

Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap {day dates & puppy dog pics}

On Thursday my {former} co-workers came over for a little summer lunch get together! We've been making the rounds to everyone's houses and its been so fun. I'm still so thankful that I got to work with ladies who really enjoy hanging out outside of work. We had quite the spread for our get together :) We spent the afternoon and evening talking and eating. It was so fun catching up and hearing about everyone's summers so far.

After having a "busy" week of running errands and seeing friends it was nice to have a day at home. Baylor and I slept in and then lounged for part of the morning as well. Soaking up these last few weeks pre parenthood! I wanted to get some pictures of the pretty flowers that Juliet & Leigh Ann brought over on Thursday and realized I should get out my good camera and play around with it. I still have lots to learn but thankful to have a willing model who doesn't complain too much ;)


all that camera posing wore her out ;)
I laughed when I was on the phone with my mom and brother and walked into our room and saw Baylor making herself comfy amongst the pillows #whereswaldo

When Matt got home we organized and put away my teaching books for Caroline. It's a shame she only has two shelves worth of books so far! We spent the night hanging out and eating leftovers before calling it a night.

We got up at a decent hour and Matt worked in the kitchen while I made a Baked French Toast. I had lots of dinner rolls leftover that I wanted to use up so this was the perfect solution! It was super easy and turned out really well. While it baked we drank coffee and read more of Sacred Marriage. I'm really enjoying reading this together and discussing it!

We headed out for the afternoon to see a movie and grab an early dinner. We saw "Max" which was good. It had a few unrealistic action scenes but overall was a good movie and you can't beat watching a movie in the recliners AMC offers! After hearing that steak had lots of iron and helped with restless legs I'd been wanting to go to Texas Roadhouse so we headed there for dinner before heading home. We napped/caught up on the DVR before going out for a night drive to Sonic.

We headed back to a church we'd been to before but checked out a Sunday School this time. After church we headed home for leftovers & sat outside with Baylor. Matt said she convinced him to stay outside when he saw how happy she was chewing her bone in the sunshine. She only has 6 more weeks of being our baby so we sacrificed and stayed outside for her ;) She was one happy puppy!

We watched several episodes of The Bible on DVR for most of the afternoon before heading out to a local park. We stopped for sno cones before because #texasinjune & #pregnant. It was a beautiful evening and so nice to walk around!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Preparing for Baby

Like I've said many times before - as a first time mom to be I'm so thankful to the internet for all the tips and insight into all things baby. Of course there is the nursery to get ready, things to register for and hospital bags to pack which are probably the more important things but there are still so many other things I feel like need to be done. Here is a list of what we've done/are going to do to prepare for Caroline's arrival. Thought it might be useful to share for any other mommas to be or future mommas to be :)
  • Find a newborn photographer - research options of packages (we went with a first year package where we will get newborn pictures + every three months up to her first birthday). There are different styles of newborn photography (in your home, studio sessions, no props, some props, etc) so look at different photographers portfolios for what you like best.
  • Order your breast pump - if you are planning on breastfeeding look into the options your insurance provides. With my insurance we were able to order this for free!
  • Sign up for birth classes with your hospital - with us not having a clue about anything baby related these have been helpful giving us a few insights into the birth process & how to care for the baby after. I also feel better knowing we've been to the hospital a few times before we actually have to go for the birth!
  • Pick out birth announcement cards - I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a great tip! Instead of waiting until the baby gets here to look through different card options do this ahead of time and save a few of your favorites so once you have the newborn pictures you can just upload them and add the details of weight/height/time of birth/etc without being overwhelmed with all the options. Also make a mailing list for who you want to send the announcements to. And since we just moved I'm going to make some cards to slip into the announcements with our new address.
  • Find a coming home outfit - yes, they will only be making the drive home from the hospital but think of all the sweet pictures there will be to take & how you'll want a special outfit for them to be photographed in :)
  • Make some freezer meals - I plan on making a few easy freezer meals for us over the summer to have one less thing to worry about for the first few weeks post baby
  • Find a pediatrician - research some recommendations from friends and then go into their offices to get a tour and feel for the office
  • Wash some of the baby clothes - someone told me not to wash all of them since the baby's weight might change some of the clothes you'll be able to use for the different seasons but of course you'll need some for when they are first born!
  • Write a birth plan - I don't have too complicated of a plan but want to have a few of the important things written out for our nurses
  • Make a goodie basket for your nurses - at first I didn't think this was necessary but after hearing from two friends who work in Labor and Delivery I think this is an important thing to do to let your nurses (who are with you the whole time) feel appreciated!
  • Document your pregnancy with a photo book - I worked on our pregnancy photo book throughout the pregnancy so I wouldn't forget little details and so it wouldn't be too overwhelming. If you sign up with Similac Mom's you'll get a free Shutterfly pregnancy photo book!
  • Get your car seat checked - you'll want to make sure the car seat is installed properly and has resources to help you find a place to get it inspected.
Do you have any other tips or things you'd add that I need to do before Caroline gets here? Let me know!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

My friend Ashley is always doing these fun posts so now that it's summer I thought I'd join in on the fun!

What we're eating this week...
I haven't been the best about cooking the last few months but now that I'm in summer mode and at home I'm enjoying having a real dinner at home with Matt. (Shout out to him for never complaining about our current food situation or lack there of!) This week I've made Grilled Chicken and Tapenade Sandwiches and lasagna. The sandwiches are SO good and bonus - so easy to make. My roommate in college Christina introduced me to them and I love making them in the summer. And my lasagna recipe is nothing fancy but it always turns out well and is another quick and easy meal. We also had a peach crisp for dessert this week, yum!

Grilled Chicken and Tapenade Sandwiches Recipe

What I'm reminiscing about...
The summer pre-college! I love looking on my Timehop (or as Matt calls it time shop ;) ) and seeing what was going on that day years prior. Lately there have been all these posts from people who were going to be living in the same dorm as me & everyone sharing how excited they were. Not sure why we all decided to "add" each other on Facebook before we met but considering Facebook was so new then (crazy!) we weren't quite sure what we were doing ha.

What I'm loving...
Nothing Bundt Cake's Strawberry and Creme bundt cake! We had these at our Arlington shower and they taste just like summer in a bite. The amount of texts Heather and I sent about this bundt cake is a little embarrassing ;) And because #pregnant I just *had* to go get another one!

What we've been up to...
Working for him, to do lists for her! Matt has been working hard these days with lots long days so I've been trying to take care of as much around the house as I can. He is great at doing these things but with him working so much and me being home its been fun to get to serve him by doing them for him! I know when Caroline gets here we will have to go back to tag teaming but for now I'm enjoying just being a stay at home wife ;)

What I'm dreading...
Not necessarily dreading it but can't believe its almost JULY. The countdown to Caroline is on and I feel like we still have so much to do (some practical like getting things ready for her of packing hospital bags, getting her room finished, etc but also we need to get to work on our summer/pre Caroline bucket list!).

What I'm working on...
Things around the house and Caroline's nursery! A few more things got hung this week making it feel more and more like home. And the nesting bug has really bitten me as I've had a few early mornings working in Caroline's room as well as some late nights. We still have things to hang but I'm waiting on all her furniture to get here before we start putting things on the wall but there is a lot of organizing to do of all her things.

What I'm excited about...
Seeing lots of friends and family in the next week or so! My teammates are coming over tomorrow and then next week we've got another doctors appointment which means another Arlington day for me to catch up with friends which I love. And mom & Elizabeth are flying out of Dallas so we will get to see them next week too!

What I'm reading...
Matt and I are still re-reading Sacred Marriage. I'm really enjoying reading this together and discussing it while we read. As we prepare to become parents I feel like it is equally important to take some time to focus on our marriage as well since I know the next few months are going to be a whirlwind for us! I also have a stack of magazines I'm looking forward to reading by the pool soon.

What I'm listening to...
Podcasts, as always! I love having a podcast to listen to while working around the house. My favorites are Inspired to Action, Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey & The Big Boo Cast! I highly recommend them all.

What I'm wearing...
Lots of dresses! It's been so hot lately and dresses are just more comfortable & the only thing that really fits these days! Also lots of t-shirts with Matt's basketball shorts ;)

What I'm doing this weekend...
Matt has been extra busy with work lately & all our weekends lately have been filled to the brim so I'm really looking forward to a Saturday with nothing on the calendar! We've got plans to do a few things from our summer bucket list - maybe take Baylor to the dog park and see a movie in the theater!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Getting closer to meeting Caroline! Can't believe we are just about a month out from her due date!! Looking forward to having one more month "just us" and having lots of dates pre Caroline.

What else is new...
Nothing much I guess. I feel like most things have been blogged about lately so nothing new to report, ha.

What we are doing for the 4th of July...
We've got plans to attend sweet Gabby's 1st birthday on the 3rd & then go to Light Up Arlington with Heather, Cody & K. And on the 4th we are taking our Texas Day Trip!