Monday, September 29, 2014


Last week felt like the first week of school all over again. With tears not out of exhaustion or stress but for loosing a beloved co-worker to another campus due to surplussing. It's been a tough blow for our whole team. We had been talking all year about how much we love working together and even though we are all so different it works somehow & works really well. 

our team minus one who is at home on maternity leave!
As difficult as it is, I feel like it is already stretching us all to become better teachers. Sue was our go to person for ideas, supplies, books, teaching materials, you name it. She was a wealth of knowledge as she has over 20 years of teaching experience. But now we are having to take what we learned from her last year and start using that to help each other grow.

We had to split her class among the remaining 6 teachers which means we all have larger class sizes and all got new kiddos. I had four new kiddos added to my class so there has been a lot of reviewing of expectations and procedures, thus a feeling of first week of school tired all over again. My class is sweet and I know we are going to have a good year together -- but its been a lot of work getting the four adjusted to our class. 

Our team was/is big on food. We create big spreads of homemade goodness for birthdays, thank yous and now "we hate to see you leave" lunches. We also are known to bring in treats for no reason at all. And the day after our sweet co-worker learned that she'd been surplussed she brought in bagels (with pumpkin cream cheese spread I might add!). That is just a peek into how nice and thoughtful she is.

I know we will be fine and will have to adjust to running only 6 sets of copies instead of 7 but it sure isn't fun to have unwelcomed changes to your work family.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Leigh Anne's birthday & girls weekend recap

Last week I turned 26! There is something about 26 that seems more grown up than 25. I have always been the youngest in my grade level & now that is still true with friends and coworkers but I think 26 just sounds more grown up. So here's to growing up ;)

I started off year 26 with my 5:30 workout crew! Guess this is the year of real healthy lifestyle changes when I willingly got up early to workout on my birthday! I had a training to go to for work this day so I had some extra time after working out so Matt met me at Starbucks for breakfast! 

After breakfast I headed to my training. It was actually a pretty fun training + I got to attend with some fun coworkers! We had lunch out which was such a treat (my team had my birthday lunch the day before which was delicious! We know how to eat & celebrate!). 

After work I came home to a sweet surprise of a cookie cake from Matt! He picked the design on the cake and I thought it was super sweet! 

We headed to Papadeaux for dinner. I had never been and it was delicious!!

After dinner we headed home for cake and presents. Matt totally surprised me with a beautiful flure de lise necklace, I love it!

The next day when I got to work I had a fun surprise waiting for me! My amazing sub had all the kids make me cards :) fun way to start off the day after your birthday!

The boys headed to Oklahoma to dove hunt & attend a banquet so we had a girls weekend - puppies included!

Friday night was a late dinner before crashing in bed. Saturday we slept in, drank coffee on the porch and headed for a walk/run with the dogs. Chloe needed a mid walk break.

We headed out to run a few errands before grabbing lunch. Then we headed to a lighting store #ofcourse #ranchproblemz. I wasn't at all surprised to see mom walking around holding a pair of lamps. Nor was I surprised she scored them for $8 each.

Over the weekend we got to facetime with Elizaeth a few times. We saw a peek into her seminary life as she studied Greek. Then we had to get her opinion on Mom's new outfit - a black jumpsuit that looks great on her but we got a kick out of how long it was on the hanger!

Saturday night Heather joined us for a movie and then mom and I grabbed a late night dinner. Sunday was church then we headed to the Arboretum, our happy place! We ate brunch (our first time to have chicken and waffles) before enjoying the fall pumpkins. It was super hot but a beautiful day!


I loved this stack of pumpkins! 


We ended the weekend with pumpkin spice lattes and dinner with the boys when they got back into town.

It was a great end to a fun birthday week & I'm officially ready for fall to begin!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Birthday Weekend in Dallas

Last weekend we headed to Dallas for a little weekend getaway + birthday celebration since both of our birthdays are in September. It was a great weekend AND the fall temps arrived just in time!

Friday night on our way in to Dallas we stopped for dinner at Cane Rosso. They serve neapolitan style pizza and it was delicious! The atmosphere was great too and it was fun seeing the Deep Ellum neighborhood. 

After dinner we headed to Eatzi's, a fun grocery store that has tons of take home ready foods. We walked around looking at all the delicious looking food & picked up some dessert to go. 

We then headed to our hotel and watched the end of the Baylor game!

Saturday we slept in and then went to get a quick workout in before getting ready to head out for the day. First stop was brunch at Bread Winners! Then we did a little shopping before going to see a matinee movie. We saw When the Game Stands Tall which was based on the true story of the longest winning streak in sports history. It was a great movie -- we highly recommend it! Then we went to the Galleria to walk around and do a little more shopping. We hardly ever go to the mall so it was fun to walk around + I loved seeing all the fall displays at the mall.

We went to Norma's Cafe for dinner. They are known for their great chicken fried steak and it did not disappoint! We didn't go to the original location but it still had a fun diner charm to it. And half price slices of pie after 7 which was nice too!

We ended the night by playing backgammon at our hotel. They have all these fun games set up in the lobby which was really neat. We had to improvise because some of the pieces were missing, had to download a dice app since we couldn't find any, and Matt had to research the rules online but thanks to technology and creative thinking we made it work! It was really fun and I won which is a big deal playing against Matt who is the king of strategy games!

Sunday we grabbed breakfast on our way out of town and headed home to watch the Cowboys game (that they won!) and get ready for the next week. It was a great weekend to get away and celebrate!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Matt's Birthday Recap

I just realized I never blogged about Matt's recent birthday, so here goes a belated birthday blog post! 

We had a great day celebrating Matt's 27th birthday a few weeks back. Apparently Matt has a few favorite restaurants that we rotate through for his birthday. This year he picked Texas de Brazil - the ultimate meat loving guy's dream! 

After a delicious meal we headed home for cake and presents! Of course Baylor had to get in on the birthday fun and thought all of it was for her.

I got Matt a Cowboys polo and the movie God's Not Dead. I think he was excited I picked up on his hint about the Cowboys polo and was surprised with the movie. I call that birthday success ;)

Happy birthday babe! I'm so thankful to be able to share another year with him and hope 27 is a great year for you!